B352S is single carriage three systems with single up-position roller meet the tension requirement for partial knitting. Fulfil the perfect take down of fabric. Equipped with infrared detecting alarm system, can effectively avoid the missing alarm and needle hit. Reversing system is controlled by stepping motor, increase the carriage return speed and productivity as well as avoid the worn of the carriage rail.

With digital technology, fulfil patterns of transfer, pointel, tuck, intarsia, jacquard, full needles, apparent shape, hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions. Suitable for knitting variety of new shoe upper made of different kinds of polyester yarns.

Touch Screen

One-touch screen, easy operation, satisfy experience.

Needle Bed

Divided structure, steel sheet made from import high quality steel precisely punched and fine polished to reduce the resistance with needles and increase the longevity.


Core spare parts,made of imported steel,manufactured by high-speed CNC. Fine polishing to achieve surface finish as mirror to reduce the resistance with needles and improve efficiency.

Scissors And Clippers

Clippers work with scissors to increase the knitting efficiency.

Take Down Comb

Use motive release technology,work with clippers and scissors set to decrease the waste yarn, yarn clearing work and increase the productivity.

Positive Yarn Provider

Positive yarn provider, successfully reduce yarn resistance, increase knitting efficiency.

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